Around here, I’m for remarkable decision makers who understand the key to profitability is their middle management…

Because it takes more than just a once-a-year “work/life balance” retreat with the “Hey! My Name Is…” tag to build a loyal, focused team.

Increase efficiency And convert revenue into profit

Because you care about the success of your middle management. But what you need to know is can I help your company do this…?

Coaching with me has been part of the solution to slash turnover for a family owned, Mid-Atlantic concrete supply company.

After just 1 month of coaching, I motivated a skilled middle manager to finally ask for a promotion (after sitting on it for 6+ months) resulting in increased efficiency and company changing actions.

Unraveled 2.5 years of chaos into an organized leader who meets deadlines 2 weeks early.

Think of me as your middle management advocate, highlighting each individual’s strengths and not letting your team forget their value.

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“Helen pays for herself 10x over!”

“Just get Helen in the door. Get your decision maker a meeting with Helen. They’ll leave with little doubt she can make impact happen in their company. Think of it like this: if you bring Helen into a business that has a 33% turnover rate, and she slashes that down by 10% – how much money do you save? If you break down those numbers, Helen pays for herself 10x over. You just can’t get these results relying solely on HR.”

– Amie Long, HR Director, Chaney Enterprises

You should also know these
6 random but necessary facts about me…’


Ran my first half marathon at 42 years old in 2 hours!

You can step up as a leader in your life at anytime with the right motivation (+ good pair of shoes).


I’m #5 in a family of 6 kids.

You can thank these 5 for my unique ability to deal with varying skill sets and personalities (from the highest level of C-Suite all the way down to the first job out of highschool)


Ziplined 95 ft up with my 5-year-old connected to me.

(Yes, this was my idea!) Here’s
how you can do it, too: scream, let it all go, get your courage up again for the next zip. That’s how you face fear. (How do your managers face their fears?)


Type A planner, except for vacation.

Besides our hotel and dates, the rest is up to my friend Google to tell us where to find the best local treats and experiences. (this is part of my reset and recharge mantra)


Worked in an emergency room for 5 years.

Taught me about compassion and burnout. In the hospital, doctors and nurses want to give and give and this was the first time I realized you need to balance your energy and take a step back.


Don’t be surprised if I ask you about your cortisol levels.

I’m a nerd like that. I love a deeper dive into the neuroscience of stress (+ the power of a little reset and recharge) to create motivated leaders.

Ready to invest in your future leaders
(and reap that sweet ROI)?