Inspire People and Improve Performance

Let me help you create confident middle management leaders.

A place where turnover is low, profit is high and employee engagement is more responsive than people calling in to vote for American Idol.

Because your company will be a place where your middle managers know you care about them.

You’ll mitigate the expensive issues keeping you from growing while providing a confident space for your managers to reflect and hone in on their unique skill set and value.

Even your best managers (who are already doing good work) will excel even further so you can promote from within and continue to invest in their leadership.

How? With coaching.

Thinking it won’t work for your company?
Not the kind of coaching I do.

Coaching with me has been part of the solution to slash turnover for a family owned, Mid-Atlantic concrete supply company.

After just 1 month of coaching, I motivated a skilled middle manager to finally ask for a promotion (after sitting on it for 6+ months) resulting in increased efficiency and company changing actions.

Unraveled 2.5 years of chaos into an organized leader who meets deadlines 2 weeks early.

That’s the kind of outcome you can expect when I become your middle management advocate.

“Business leaders need to hear this: Helen cuts through the B.S. and creates business altering behaviors that stay with you forever!”

Helen is an excellent listener. She can synthesize what’s really going on. What’s it at the heart so a person feels heard, validated and understood without sugar coating anything. She holds people accountable. Even when she’s putting your feet to the fire, you know she’s in your corner.

– Stacey Andon, Master Coach

You should hire me to be your middle management whisperer if…

You’re ready to invest in future leaders.

You understand that allowing them to hit the pause button and find a new perspective is the key to transforming their focus, prioritization, communication and succinct messaging.

You want someone to succeed in their role.

This means you’re not using coaching as a means to discipline an individual but rather as a way to support them and highlight their value.

You’re focused on creating faster results.

And already understand (or are open to) that focusing on better habits, alignment, and creating space for vulnerability is the key to things like growth and less turnover…not by focusing on strategies and processes.

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Questions You Want Answered

(and the ones I get asked alot)

Because your company wants to grow. You’re looking to slash turnover, mitigate issues faster, and create higher profit. You know the answer is your middle management and want to find a way to…
Sustain success for current rockstar managers and to strengthen certain areas so that all your managers can consistently perform at their highest level.
Your first thought might be "I/We don't have time". Reflection is key to leadership development.
A typical coaching engagement is 6 months. The frequency varies from once a week for the first 4-6 weeks to once or twice a month.
Most sessions are 60 minutes. Once the relationship is established, quick goal-centered calls can be powerful in just 15 minutes. Additionally, email and brief phone support are also available throughout the process.
Yes! Trust is critical for a coaching relationship. I do encourage individuals participating in coaching to openly discuss the value of the process to highlight progress towards goals. Specific coaching conversations are confidential.
Although I have expertise in both disciplines, my focus is on the here and now…
Helping each individual to master effective habits, while breaking ones that are counterproductive to growth.
As a coach, I don’t diagnose or treat like a therapist would. Instead, I believe those participating in coaching are resourceful and capable to achieve both professional and personal growth.
Coaching can happen in person (at your office, in a confidential room) or virtually if you’re not local to the MD, DC or VA area.
Ask yourself: Do I want to…
  • Create a culture that promotes mindful leaders?
  • Assess behaviors preventing a more efficient work performance?
  • Offer opportunities for managers to self-reflect?
  • Provide managers with tools that support change?
  • Offer consistent opportunities for neutral feedback that creates actionable change?
If you said yes to 2 or more of those, then coaching is a perfect fit for your team.
Yes! This is a perfect time because your company is succeeding and growing...and likely wants to promote people from within.
You give your middle managers the opportunity to excel even further by investing in their leadership.
Yes! I do hold a limited amount of spots for 1:1 coaching for individuals. Simply click the book a call button below and let’s connect to see how I can best help you.

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